How to design a crowdfunding campaign on your own terms — and break world records along the way

To begin: don’t be afraid of marketing

Have a clearly articulated (and refined) philosophy, with members at its heart

Find the right ambassadors

Showcase those ambassadors

Start a movement, not a publication

Think beyond the goal

An evolved campaign message

Our crowdfunding platform

Testing and optimization

The importance of momentum and persistence

The view from the moon

  • Build a movement — the most transformational aspect of the idea was not to launch another media company with a PR campaign but to build a journalism movement with a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘market’ — but remember you are trying to inspire people to action, not buy a product.
  • Stand for the highest quality — and accept that this will make you vulnerable and be transparent when things go wrong.
  • Prioritize thoughtful design and planning — we will continue to do this as we start building The Correspondent for its official launch on September 30, 2019.
  • Share gratitude, always — my colleagues and partners worked across two continents and multiple timezones with one mission. Without their dedication, talent, and ideas this rocket ship wouldn’t have got off the ground. And thanks to the incredible support of our founding members in 130 countries, this truly is a grassroots movement for unbreaking news. I’m forever grateful to all.



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Harald Dunnink

Harald Dunnink

Creative director. Founder of design agency Momkai. Cofounder of journalism platform De Correspondent.