Cultivating calm: a design philosophy for the digital age

As a designer, it is my quest to compose pitch-perfect platforms for others. Whether it is for the journalists and members of The Correspondent or for scientists and cancer patients connecting through the newly launched Oncode Institute, we aim to help people get to grips with the world around us. That inspired me to map out my own design philosophy. My aim? To cultivate calm, so that only the content can drive you to distraction.

Work by Sol LeWitt at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Eddo Hartmann

The design philosophy of cultivating calm

But how? The project at the Stedelijk Museum was an incentive to put the principles underpinning our designs down “in writing,” in hopes of offering handholds for our team, insight for you, our readers, into what we are trying to do, and inspiration for other digital designers.

1. The foundation: a rich platform that exudes calm

2. The approach: the calm to catalyze

3. The growth: the calm within the storm

Cultivating calm

Our philosophy guides everything we do, from strategic consulting to meticulous craft. See our latest work at the all-new

Creative director. Founder of design agency Momkai. Cofounder of journalism platform De Correspondent.