7 steps to help your organisation become memberful

Illustrations by Leon Postma, animations by Eddy Koek: designers at Momkai

— Essay was first published on The Next Web

With the birth of the world wide web came digital design and the introduction of the phrase “user experience”. It would mean many things to many people but broadly it’s used to describe what someone learns, sees, and feels when interacting with web content.

As a digital designer, I have become obsessed with this user experience: how individuals connect with organisations online, but also in the real world, and how the nature of this experience — this relationship — is often key to an organisation’s sustainability.

The relationship between you and…

Five and a half years ago, we started something incredible.

Momkai, the Amsterdam design agency I founded in 2002, teamed up with a group of idealistic Dutch journalists in 2013 to crowdfund a very different type of journalism platform: one that would be your antidote to the daily news grind. We raised $1.7 million in 30 days to get De Correspondent off the ground — a crowdfunding world record — and it has since become the fastest growing member-funded journalism platform in Europe.

But we always knew we wanted to take our principles for radically different journalism beyond the Netherlands…

This summer, Ernst-Jan Pfauth and I launched Verwondering, a Dutch podcast about what makes design work. In these 30-minute conversations, we share personal experiences that inspired us. Our aim is to explore what makes good design work by looking together, each from our own perspective. And since design begs to be seen, our podcast comes with a new platform full of images: the visual show notes.

In episode 6 of Verwondering we explore the best way to start a project when collaborating with a designer. The last 16+ years running my own design studio Momkai have taught me that the…

As a designer, it is my quest to compose pitch-perfect platforms for others. Whether it is for the journalists and members of The Correspondent or for scientists and cancer patients connecting through the newly launched Oncode Institute, we aim to help people get to grips with the world around us. That inspired me to map out my own design philosophy. My aim? To cultivate calm, so that only the content can drive you to distraction.

Work by Sol LeWitt at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Eddo Hartmann

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam invited me to put together a personal audio tour of the galleries and to host a special evening program. …

Harald Dunnink

Creative director. Founder of design agency Momkai. Cofounder of journalism platform De Correspondent.

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